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About evmh recycling

"Our business model hopes to prove that giant scale is not the only definition of success."
M-A de Mees

Here is why you can rely on us:


evmh srl is a Belgium based plastics recycling & trading company working with industrial production waste.
Our company is specialized in the recycling of industrial scrap like purges, rejected pieces, etc... from injection-, extrusion-, blow molding productions...

We also buy and sell stocklots, offgrade, reground, reprocessed plastics materials
We have been collecting plastics lumps, rejects, pieces, surplus of stock and offgrade materials from all over Europe for more than 15 years...
evmh srl act as a partner by helping our suppliers to get the most value from their production scraps and our customers to find the most suited materials for their applications.



The founders of evmh recycling have been active in the plastic materials business for several decades, either in raw material production, either in injection molding of standard & technical pieces.

After having gained a wide experience in satisfying numerous customers in varied industrial branches and going deep into technical specifications they got the opportunity to approach the other side of the mirror: the recycling of the materials they had been selling/advising for such a long time...

Several years after being employed in different producing and/or transforming companies as well as in the recycling business, they finally decided to put their experience directly to the benefit of their customers and suppliers.

evmh srl was then born 2010 and is looking forward to satisfying your company's needs.

Our small size gives us the real flexibility to listen to you and to your needs...

Background & partnership

evmh srl has a solid experience in the recycling of plastic materials that dates back to the end of the 90’s when its current managing director was asked to seek out alternatives to virgin materials for the production of injection molded pieces in the international company he was working for.

Years later, the decision to create a new structure  was  based  on  the  takeover of the recycling activities of two Belgian companies that ceased their activity, when former customers and suppliers asked the founders to go on with the business so that they could continue to benefit from the excellent professional relationship that had been built for years.

evmh srl finds its roots in industrial agreements with these customers and suppliers to process the collected materials.

Since day one evmh srl can also rely on a commercial & financial partnership with a renowned company that has a 30 years professional background and sound financial recognition towards the banks.

We are proud of its extended trust in evmh srl.